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Posted on 22 January 2015

By Dany García from Armonía en tu Imagen

Fotografía vía Minhk

  1. Name: Natali Sznajderman
  2. Age: 29
  3. Profession: Accessories Designer
  4. What is your Hobie? ¡My work!  I love to design and i'm fortunate enough to have it as a job.
  5. Favourite restaurant? Rosetta at Roma Neighbourhood.
  6. How would you define your lifestyle? Agitated! I love it though! I don't like routine. I love to let go and see what future has in hold.
  7. To you, what's fashion?  A way of expression! I don't believe in an universal law for fashion. Each person gets to define its style and personality and create their own tendency. In that sense each one is a creator of fashion and style
  8. What is your favourite Mexican craft? ¡I love Alebrijes!
  9. What was the biggest experience you had in the US? Studying at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) I loved in there, to lear not only to design shoes and bags but also the productive process to do it.
  10. If you were to move out and you could only take one piece of your current decoration what would you take? A painting of Queen Elizabeth's crowning that has written 'it's all mine now! 
  11. Where in Mexico City is your favourite place to go shopping and why? I love to go to local bazaars and see all the talented Mexican offers.
  12. For a chill drink, what do you recomendó? I really enjoy the mixology of Jules. Although if im on a more casual mood i would go to Artemisia.
  13. Do you have any ritual to relax after a hard day? Lay down on my couch with my pug Jagger, low lights, nice music and a glass of white whine.
  14. What do you do to stay fit? I really enjoy Pilates
  15. Who's your favourite artist? I don't have one. I admire a lot of people on various areas, and each one has its particularly charm.
  16. Professionally what has ben your best experience? Creating my brand definitely! It turns you in to a doitall, designer programer, photographer, accountant, and everything you could imagine.It is a great unique experience where you get to learn a lot not only about your project, but also about yourself.
  17. Name 3 argentine designers that you recommend to look for:

Nota completa: http://style4life.mx/style/moda/minhk-shoes#sthash.xQiqLpHn.dpuf

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